Project Statistics

Total reads (all samples) 6000 (6,000)
Read length 51
Mean % GC content 51 ± 0
± values show one standard deviation.

Raw Read Statistics

Sample name Index Lane Read Number of reads Percent gc Read length
QQ1H2O1 CGATGT 1 R1 2,000 51.0 51
QQ1H2O2 TGACCA 1 R1 2,000 51.0 51
QQ1H2O3 CAGATC 1 R1 2,000 51.0 51

FastQC Summary

Please note: failed QC checks don't always indicate a problem with the data ! Please read the FastQC documentation.

FastQC version: 0.11.4

Sample Basic Statistics Per base sequence quality Per sequence quality scores Per base sequence content Per sequence GC content Per base N content Sequence Length Distribution Sequence Duplication Levels Overrepresented sequences Adapter Content Kmer Content

Datafile Information

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Dataset Metadata

Nucleotide Sequencing Project Raw Reads
Terminator chemistry TruSeq LT
Associated FastQC reports FastQC reports for Project StephenLavelle, 07-Sep-2014
Flowcell ID C9246ACXX
ingestor_useragent (
Instrument ID DMO177
Instrument model HiSeq1500
Instrument operator
Number of cycles in each read [index reads in (brackets)] 51, (7)
Illumina RTA version RTA 2.7.3
Run Experiment link Example: HiSeq1500 run 140907_DMO177_0002_AC9246ACXX
Run Unique ID 140907_DMO177_0002_AC9246ACXX
Run number 2.0

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